Work in Progress


Working on a new piece of work. Lots of hand stitching.

March Exhibitions

March’s exhibitions were in places not normally open to the public. Candida Stevens galley presented part of Stephen Farthing’s collection of paintings Museums of the World in the private gallery of Simon Draper, former chairman of Virgin Music Group. The paintings were interspersed with Simon’s impressive collection of contemporary art.

A friend invited me to see her friend Ann O’Daly’s exhibition A Forward Step Back with Ann Cook. The art was interesting because it was inspired by bodily experience. I also enjoyed the colour and application of paint.


February Exhibitions

I visited exhibitions and London Fashion Week in February.
Monochrome: Painting in Black and White  at the National Gallery, London examined art works in Monochrome, which as someone obsessed with colour it was quite informative.
Olafur Eliasson created a light installation using yellow light which rendered everything in the room monochrome.

Hard Painting at the Phoenix Gallery provided the Colour and Abstract art that inspires my own practice.

Another fascinating exhibition where  art and science meet is Deconstructing Patterns at the Francis Crick Institute, London.

Recent Work February 2018

Recent work in Textiles and Print inspired by Amyloidosis

Experimenting with Print

I’ve been spending time exploring a new technique for making work. This has been acid etching to make prints of my images.  I have enjoyed the scientific approach to creating etchings but I still have issues with making clean prints. It also removes the possibility of lots of colour in the work.

Amyloid Etching
Cellular Etch










The Cellular etch was made by coating the plate with masking varnish and then dripping meths onto the plate to remove the varnish in an interesting way.

New Work January 2017

Phone 1
Phone 1 detail
Phone 2
Phone 2 detail

Come and see my new work at the Oxmarket Chichester.

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Upcoming Exhibition at the Oxmarket, Chichester.




Graduate Exhibition 2017

The Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester re-opens its doors this January with its first major exhibition of the year featuring new Graduate artists.

On display until 29 January will be work by recently graduated artists from Chichester University, Northbrook College and Winchester School of Art – each representing the future of the local arts scene.

Karen Lintott, Tigerfox, Keiko Iwamoto (Chichester University) join Charlie Leverett (Winchester School of Art) and Nicola Stockley (Northbrook College) in what promises to be a very exciting and stimulating display of the visual arts.

Karen Lintott manipulates photographs to create vibrant, abstract images which then undergo a process using textiles to create new marks. She is interested in exploring the relationship between materials, texture and colour in order to produce combinations that ‘zing’.

Tigerfox is an environmental artist and her current practice explores the boundaries of what landscape art can be. Her inspiration and materials are found scavenging the beaches and harbour ‘edgelands’ around Havant. She produces works on paper as well as 3D flower arrangements which initially appear to be a thing of beauty, but on closer examination an alternative impression quickly forms.

Osaka born Keiko Iwamoto started sculpting from an early age and describes ‘making’ as intrinsic part of who she is. She finds the process of ‘carving’ extremely liberating and the process is collaboration with the material to arrive at a ‘right’ form, which is an intimate and tactile ‘embodied’ experience.

Painter Charlie Leverett uses the concept of ‘uncertainty’ as a driving factor within his practice, echoing the passage of human existence in his work with both hard edged geometry and gestural mark making, evocative of the synthetic and the organic respectively.

Nicola Stockley uses current political events, particularly those which are emotionally difficult to comprehend, to produce her detailed drawings and paintings. She focuses on the human condition to engage with her subject matter in an attempt to understand the reality of what living means today.

This is the third annual graduate exhibition the Oxmarket has hosted and aims to provide a unique platform for recent students as well as offering something quite refreshing and contemporary to its visitors. Alongside this exhibition will be work from lecturers and students from Chichester College, which examines the social and communal power and function of the shape.

Both exhibitions will run from 17 to 29 January (closed Mondays), with a preview evening on Monday 16th January 6-8pm. For more information please visit


Notes for editors

The Oxmarket Centre of Arts is a registered charity and non-profit making body providing exhibition space for hire by local and emerging artists, as well as regional and national arts organizations. The Centre has a policy of accessibility and inclusivity, hosts over 100 exhibitions annually and draws well over 30,000 visitors a year.  It welcomes artists and makers working in a broad range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, jewellery, textiles and other applied arts.

For more information on this release, or the Oxmarket, contact Sofia Williams at


Fabulous at 40

I currently have a piece of work on display in the Fabulous at 40 exhibition at the Oxmarket in Chichester.  On until 11th September, do go and check it out.

Fabulous at 40!

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